La Cattedrale riapre al pubblico

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The Ferrara Cathedral reopens after five years of anticipation, marking a significant moment for citizens, the faithful, and tourists. This historic monument, located in the heart of the city, symbolizes a communal reference point and a connection between the earthly and the divine. The reopening is set for March 23rd, a day preceding Palm Sunday, an occasion that celebrates not only an important religious event but also the return of one of the city's main symbols.

During the official announcement, details about the restorations and future initiatives involving the Cathedral were revealed. Despite the excitement for the reopening, it was also hinted that restoration work might extend for a few more years.

Among the completed interventions, the repositioning of the terracotta Apostles' busts, works from the 1500s by Alfonso Lombardi, and the ceiling maintenance, still protected by safety nets, stand out. To celebrate and document the restoration, an illustrated and photographic publication will be released, and a documentary video will be made available online, enriching the offerings for art enthusiasts and religious tourism.


The reopening ceremony, scheduled for 5:15 PM, will start in the Archbishop's courtyard with a procession and liturgy inside the Cathedral. Those in the city center will be able to follow the event on a large screen, while inside the Cathedral, monitors will be installed to allow for a closer view of the celebration.

Coinciding with the Cathedral's reopening, the FAI Spring Days will offer an additional cultural opportunity, with the exceptional opening of the Archbishop's Palace in Ferrara, inviting everyone to take advantage of this unique occasion to further explore the city's rich historical and artistic heritage.

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