15 reasons to visit Ferrara

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Ferrara, a marvelous UNESCO World Heritage town, always gives you plenty of reasons to visit. Here, we give you 10, in no particular order, to come to the city in 2024.

Ferrara is known as the city of bicycles - the preferred mode of transport for its residents - and this is the first reason to visit. In the city, you can comfortably move around on two wheels and you will also find a series of themed events such as Bike Night, a charming night ride to the sea, and the humorous and entertaining Slow Cyclist Festival, which celebrates slow cycling as a lifestyle. But if you prefer four wheels to two, you'll have a reason to come to the city too: on June 15th, Ferrara will host the passage of the Mille Miglia, “the most beautiful race in the world”.

And why not take advantage of Ferrara's incredible cultural heritage and the exhibitions at Palazzo dei Diamanti and Castello Estense? In 2024, Palazzo dei Diamanti will host the exhibitions Escher (March 23 - July 21) and The Sixteenth Century in Ferrara. Mazzolino, Ortolano, Garofalo, Dosso (October 12, 2024 - February 16, 2025). Castello Estense, on the other hand, will feature Nino Migliori. An Endless Search (February 17 - June 3) and Antonio Maria Nardi and Maurizio Bottoni (July 6 - December 26).

If you are a theater lover, this is another great excuse to visit Ferrara: the ‘Claudio Abbado’ Municipal Theatre offers unforgettable seasons of drama, opera, and ballet each year, as well as appointments with great classical music.

During 2024, some highly anticipated openings are expected. Kicking off the year, the “Spazio Antonioni” will celebrate the great Ferrarese director Michelangelo Antonioni and his art. Also, after some restoration works, the splendid Cathedral (from March 23) and the Palazzina Marfisa d'Este will reopen.

And here we come to one of the indisputable reasons to come to the city: the ancient historic Palio with the “Magnifico Corteo” (magnificent procession) through the city center (May 18) and the Palio races in the suggestive setting of Piazza Ariostea at night (May 25). And just for this year, the Palio will also be celebrated with a must-see and special video mapping on the façade of the Ducal Palace (May 2 - 5).

The end of spring brings another reason that makes Ferrara the perfect destination: music and many outdoor events. The city's Darsena and the city center come alive with numerous events and music festivals such as, among many, Ferrara Summer Festival, Comfort Festival, and Ferrara Soto le Stelle festival. And when it comes to street music, Ferrara is the city to visit with the unique and engaging atmosphere of the Ferrara Buskers Festival (August 21-25).

Art continues to be a protagonist but this time it's cinema's turn to close the summer season with the Ferrara Film Festival: Ferrara is indeed a city strongly linked to the seventh art and enthusiastically demonstrates this with this now traditional event.

Autumn brings several unmissable appointments: the famous Internazionale a Ferrara journalism festival (October 4-6), and the Ferrara Food Festival (October 31-November 3) ideally summarizing the pleasures of the rich local gastronomic tradition.

Last but not least, the Christmas events and New Year's Eve in the city. The holidays in Ferrara will transport you to a dream world of magic and tradition. Many events and performances to celebrate with both adults and children, culminating in the impressive Fire of the Estense Castle, a fireworks show without equal that welcomes the new year!

If 10 reasons are not enough, Ferrara also offers much more. Discover all the scheduled events in the city HERE.