New Year's Eve in Ferrara

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New Year's Eve 2024 in Ferrara, pure magic!

Eager to greet the year in a spectacular way? What if we told you that in addition you can start it off by romping like never before at the foot of one of Italy's most striking castles?

In Ferrara, the countdown to welcome the new year represents a very special moment. A great party that starts to the rhythm of music with the unmissable 'Voglio tornare negl' anni '90' (I want to go back to the 90s) evening in Piazza Castello while waiting for the famous and unique pyromusical show of the Fire of the Estense Castle. Between music and fireworks, the fire of the Este fortress relates every year to thousands of citizens and tourists a real kaleidoscope of colors and sparks that, together with music, creates an atmosphere worth experiencing at least once! At the end of the show the music will resume, to celebrate by dancing until dawn.

New Year's Eve in Ferrara

For more than 20 years synonymous with awe and pure magic. An event that draws more than 30,000 people from all over the world to the city every year. An evening that will envelop you with the warmth of the city's most beautiful places!
The restaurants in the historic center will be the perfect setting for dinner and aperitifs while Piazza Castello will be transformed into a grand open-air stage. At the stroke of midnight, amid toasts and hugs, a moment that is always a thrill for us as well will kick off. The Burning of the Estense Castle, with its fireworks combined with the background of exciting music, will kick off your year in a unique and incomparable way!

New Year's Eve in Ferrara - Fire in the Castle

Let's start from the beginning. We Ferrara people love our city so much that it was not enough for us to have a wonderful Castle in the center of town. To welcome the new millennium, we decided that it had to become the star of a fireworks show so beautiful and spectacular that it took our breath away!
Since that unforgettable night between December 31, 1999 and January 1, 2000, the New Year's Eve in Ferrara with the Fire of the Castello Estense has become a traditional and unmissable event to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. So unmissable that it is now a classic of the National News on New Year's Eve and has been listed, by Vanity Fair, among the best New Year's Eve outdoor parties around the world.

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