5 (+1) ideas for summer evenings

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Summer evenings in Ferrara - how to survive the heat

In summer, the evening constitutes that perfect time of day to unwind while savoring a breath of fresh air. In Ferrara we know how to fight the heat and we thought we would give you some ideas for your summer evenings.

Here are some ideas to make your summer evenings unforgettable!

Summer evenings in ferrara - A slow alternative

A bike ride on the city walls is always a great idea to go against some cool weather, especially on summer evenings.
In short, if you are the sporty type, you will find plenty to do in Ferrara: here are the many routes and itineraries for practicing sports on your own.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to be gently transported to discover the city, we recommend a ride navigating the city's river while admiring the sunset and, why not, enjoying a great aperitif.

Here are some slow ideas for your summer evenings:
 Nena B-Side, Ferrara Fluviale con aperitivo.

Ferrara Mura Tramonto

Ferrara Po Battello Nena

Chilling out in Ferrara - A walk along the Darsena

If your ideal evening is easy but at the same time you have put good food and entertainment on your bucket list, a walk along the city's Dock is the program for you!

In summer, the Dock is filled with interesting initiatives that are absolutely not to be missed:
Un Fiume di Musica, Uain Ferrara, MangiaFe Expo, Ferrara International Piano Festival

Ferrara Darsena Sera

Ferrara in the Summer - An evening as a real Foodie

In Emilia you know, you eat well, and Ferrara is no exception! Here's that if you have the foodie spirit, it may be an idea to take advantage of the sunset to fully enjoy the city. There are numerous initiatives that you will find in summer in Ferrara such as Pizza Street and the MangiaFe Expo.

If you would like to have a unique experience and immerse yourself in the special features of the area, here are some pointers to mark down:
Degustazione di spritz con bitter artigianali, Emilia che Passione, Degusta Ferrara!

Ferrara Salumi Degustazione

Ferrara by night - from festivals to concerts

Ferrara has numerous music events throughout the year; you'll find options to please all tastes! The schedule of initiatives explodes during the summer, and whether you're a festival or chamber concert type, you're sure to find a proposal that suits you!
Discover Ferrara City of Music and check out our agenda to stay up-to-date!

Ferrara Summer Festival

An evening in Ferrara under a Cool-ture theme

Ferrara is a city waiting to be discovered, but summer days are likely to be too hot to make cultural activities enjoyable. Between cinemas, folk festivals heritage of the glorious Renaissance past and concerts, the choice is wide and you can indulge! 

Discover the open-air cinema: summer arena at Parco Pareschi and Meis summer arena

Ferrara Piazza Trento Trieste