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Ferrara, a cosy city on a people-oriented scale, is the ideal venue for organising events and conferences thanks to the particular conformation of its historic centre: small, enclosed by the splendid city walls and easily accessible on foot or by bicycle.
It facilitates the development of widespread urban meetings such as the Festival of Internazionale, which has been held in the city for over a decade, and has been the setting for major international conferences such as that of a major molecular biology society that brought over 1,600 visitors to the city in 2023.
Ferrara enjoys spaces for organising meetings in fascinating historical locations such as the Estense Castle, the Municipal Theatre and its Ridotto, and the Estense Hall, to name but a few, and also has an exhibition centre with fully equipped spaces for conferences and business meetings. 
In addition, a wide variety of companies qualified to provide support in the management of services such as hotel booking or offering themselves as true organisational secretaries.

The pleasure of travelling even when working
Ferrara offers many activities that can satisfy the tastes of different types of visitors and tourists. Combining holiday and work? You can! The InFerrara staff is also available to devise customised proposals for companies that want to treat employees to a team building moment, offer customers or suppliers a small holiday with special attention, or enrich a business trip with some special experience.
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