Discover MyFe Card

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Discover a smart way to explore the city: with MyFe Card, you'll get a pass that allows you to have a unique experience while saving time and money!

By purchasing MyFe Card, you will be entitled to:

  • Entry to all civic museums, including the Estense Castle
    Discounts at other museums, Palazzo dei Diamanti exhibitions, and participating businesses
    Exemption from the city's tourist tax if you stay overnight

How much does it cost?

2 days: €20 (exemption for 1 overnight stay)
3 days: €22 (exemption for 2 overnight stays)
6 days: €25 (exemption for up to 5 overnight stays)

Where can I buy it?

At the ticket offices of Estense Castle, Schifanoia Museum, Cathedral Museum, and also online.