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Are you familiar with Ferrara seaside? Become a 'cowboy of the sea'

NIn our work assisting tourists, we are often asked an important question: 'But where is the sea?
Because Ferrara is known to have 'its' sea, but... where is it?

Ferrara seaside

Maybe we have been better than expected over the years in making people believe that this sea is our own; in reality, the famous Lidi actually pertain to our splendid Comacchio rather than to Ferrara, but they are certainly not so far away as to disappoint expectations. It is just a 45-minute drive from the Estense Castle to the first lido, according to their geographical order, the Lido degli Estensi. What, in fact, is 45 to 50 minutes? In New York, in Paris, in London, it would only be a very short metro ride!

Infe Mare Ferrara Comacchio

Infe Mare Ferrara Comacchio 2

How to get the Ferrara seaside?

The recurring and justified question from our guests gave us a nice idea: but what if we found a way to connect sea and city? What if we could offer an experience that unites the two poles of our territory? The countryside that separates Ferrara from its portion of the coastline is dotted with places of historical importance, Este delights, small jewels of our vast province, and a few food and wine stops not to be missed.

Then, we thought: there are those who love the sea in winter, for its atmosphere suspended in time and its quietness; there are those who love the sea in summer, between dips in the water and beach life; but isn't it the spring that maybe brings everyone together? The warm weather allows some dips but the beach is less crowded.

Infe Comacchio Mare Ferrara 2

So, our idea of creating a red thread across the territory took shape in view of the event of the year, the Boss Bruce Springsteen concert on 18 May, in the middle of spring!

Bruce Springsteen and the sea

The Boss's fans know how much he loves the sea too: those who have been following the E Street Radio show 'From my house to yours', hosted by Springsteen himself, will not have missed the eighth episode, Summertime, summertime. 'There's nothing like the sea at night' said the Boss ' when the water's a little warmer than the air'. As true fans we know that you too might be curious to experience a moment of total freedom, relaxed on the beach of our Riviera before or after the concert you have been waiting for for months.

A seaside holiday in Ferrara

All this to tell you about the genesis of the experiential offers we have designed for your stay in the city at the turn of May. So, you might find yourself choosing between waking up by the sea, with an excellent 4* hotel breakfast, and a suggestive and well-equipped mobile home in a campsite, again a stone's throw from the beach, and then gradually enjoying the journey towards the city, stretching out towards the beautiful metaphysical aura of Tresigallo, discovering the delight of the Verginese di Gambulaga, or standing open-mouthed in front of Pomposa Abbey. The route will be part of the journey, as always, and the arrival in the city even more exciting after discovering the territory that characterises and enriches it.

That's what Ferrara means: a vast area of stories, scents, flavours and traditions that run from the sea across the plain to the banks of the Po. The sea is the city and the city is the sea, in our local stories; therefore, should you not find the beach while walking around the urban area, do not hesitate to ask for directions. They will probably tell you that you cannot really get there on foot, but there are those who do it by bicycle without too many problems...! And then there are the experiences we have designed especially for you!

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